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Every Minecraft youtuber ever



*Dubstep intro, animated pickaxes fly across the screen*
"Hey guys this is MinecraftGuy49Xx and this is episode 452 of Minecraft Hunger Games. Let’s get started! Ok so I got a wooden swo-OHMYGODTHERESAGUYWOAAAAAAHHHHHAHHHHH- Ok I killed him. So this is my spade named spady, he’s the one running joke so I have so you can tell me apart from the millions of other Minecraft LP-ers. Oh look I died, like and subscribe.”

I see no lies

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This article is great because that author tried to put in as many dick jokes that he possibly could.

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This guy in my class likes to think he’s the only one who knows about tumblr
When a girl messed up her presentation he literally held up a drawn star that said ‘you tried’ and said to me “you probably won’t get it it’s an Internet thing.”

please say you slapped him

im just gonna keep reblogging this until he finds it

hes here somewhere

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hey there delilah whats it like in new york city…

i’m a thousand miles away but i’m still thinking of that titty

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Can we just talk about the movie Shrek for a second here?

Here we see the three bears in a cage, the baby bear is crying that it’s too small.image 
Now, back at Shreks swamp we see the baby bear still crying to his father, yet he’s not in a cage, Where’s his mother?image

Later on, it shows Lord Farquaads castle and it shows the Mother bear skinned and turned into a rug.image


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2005 wasn’t just 2005

it was the beginning of an era


omfg i remember this

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If Beyonce was a superhero, who would she be



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Anonymous asked: Can you explain how the post "i may not be your cup of tea but i’m your 10th shot of tequila" is propagating rape culture? I am really struggling to see how this and rape culture is connected and it honestly just feels like you're clutching at straws here



So basically, in it’s original intent it may not be sexualized at all. All it’s saying is that someone may not you when they’re sober but get them drunk and then you may be more appealing to them (let’s keep this G rated and just say that we’re talking about the appeal being with regards to friendship). Now although this seems to be rather mundane and possibly a bit humorous, it’s much more insidious than that. What it’s doing is teaching us that consent can be “buffered” if you will with alcohol. Now we always talk about consent being used in terms of sexual activity, but consent is never really mentioned outside of those realms. Let me break this down for you. Consent is this verbal or physical notion that a person will give to tell another person what is and is not okay for them based on their personal boundaries. Now, whether you realize it or not, you consent to have any relations with another human being (even friendship). Thus if a person doesn’t like you when you’re sober, they’re essentially not consenting to be your friend and partake in that relationship. 

When alcohol comes into many situations, it’s tricky to realize whether consent can actually be given or not. Now, 10 shots of tequila is a lot for any given person and even those that have high tolerances will be quite intoxicated (most likely incapacitated) and by law are unable to give consent (this isn’t just in reference to sexual activity but even medical treatment—such as rape kits). Therefore we have this person who is already known to not favor you and is not consenting to be friends with you and it’s being normalized that it’s okay for them to be drunk and you to try to rework this poor relationship so that they’ll see you as a friend. Although this doesn’t seem all that horrible (I mean, no one is being physically or probably even mentally hurt, right?), it gives people this mindset that they can use alcohol as a lubricant to get consent for things.

If you remember from above, I called this an insidious text post. That’s because this seemingly harmless thing when revamped to bring in situations such as sexual acts, becomes extremely harmful. We now have people that think alcohol can be used as a lubricant for consent and attempt to flirt with the person they interest that previous has shown no interest and believe that their new found flirting skills with the help of alcohol makes the sexual acts they may perform later that day or night perfectly fine, when in fact it is legal grounds for a sexual misconduct case. 

You’re probably thinking that people aren’t that dumb and won’t extrapolate that much, and I’m still reading way too much into this, but did you know that over half of sexual assaults are done by just using alcohol and no drugs at all? Not to mention that a lot of perpetrators don’t even know that they’ve done any wrong because society has taught them that they’re entitled to do what they did and it’s been normalized that it’s okay to have sex with a drunk person if they aren’t physically unconscious. 

It’s seemingly mundane quotes like this that propagate rape culture, and no one even realizes it. Don’t normalize alcohol as something to gain consent with even if it is as harmless as a person’s friendship. The post basically tells you that you shouldn’t respect a person’s sober decision and that you can take advantage of their inebriation to gain favor of some kind. Don’t. Respect people’s sober choices because what they do when drunk doesn’t always reflect what they actually want.

*In no way am I trying to demonize the use of alcohol. It’s a great thing to enjoy in moderation. The abuse of it just gives us more grey space with regards to whether or not a person can give their consent.



i lost my number, can you give me yours

no no no not your phone number your credit card number

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